• My best guess: A close relative to Wang Chung? (P.S. Is there a way you can still upload images or videos?)
    • Ice man
      I saw it in one of the categories last week and laughed. But to answer your question - No, we can't ,not yet anyway . If by chance you run across one of my questions that have something about trying an experiment in an answer, I was trying to upload a video. It didn't work. : (
    • Barcaluv
      Let's hope they manage to sort that out. In this case I wanted to embed a Wang Chung video in the answer. I also tried an image but it didn't work either.
    • mushroom
      Everybody Wang Chung tonight.
  • "Wing Chun is a traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu martial art specializing in close range combat. It is one of the most famous styles in wushu. It is known for being economical, direct and efficient." Never heard of it before now. Cool! Miss you!
    • Ice man
      Miss you too, Sexey !!! I've been way too busy since I changed jobs. It pays good but ...I miss my friends on the internet ( I'm up at 5:00am and gone) ..... Sorry gang !! I don't have a good fix, other than to say . I'll find myself something less brutal for next year ! I'm tough, but I'm getting tired of getting screwed around
    • Linda Joy
      tired of getting screwed around?! I thought you enjoyed that sort of thing! LOL ;-) take care of you, sweetie! If I'm not here when you get back- celebrate! I earned it!
    • Venus1485
      It isn't one of the traditional Southern Shaolin styles. They were invented long before it was. "Kung Fu" in Cantonese of ""Gong Fu" in Mandarin just denotes "Supreme Skill" implying years of hard and wise work involved in attaining it. You can be a Gong Fu chef, writer, etc. The literal term for "Martial Arts" is "Mou Seut" in Cantonese or "Wu Shu" In Mandarin. Bruce Lee studied it under Yip man a few years but didn't master its basics. It was invented by a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui. It is a simple and efficient style with only low kicks. A good student can master its basics in a tear.
  • I have studied it some. It is an unorthodox Southern Shaolin (Buddhist) style of martial arts from China. It was invented by a woman, a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui. It is a simple and efficient style whose basics can be mastered in a year by a good student. Actor Bruce Lee studied it under Yip Man a couple of years when he was a teenager, but he did not master the basics. Yip man said Bruce wa too immature and egotistical to learn well. Bruce had been in movies sinc he was just 2 months old, and movie starts are often very immature and egotistical, as we often see in the news.
  • a type of Kung Fu martial art
    • ReiSan
      Kung Fu does not mean Martial Arts. Wu Shu does.
  • no idea
  • Everybody have fun tonite. Everybody Wang Chung tonite.
  • Is it when an airplane flies thru bird excrement ?
  • It's a non-traditional Southern Shaolin Chinese martial art that was invented by a woman. This is the only style that actor Bruce Lee formally studied. It's easy to learn. He didn't learn all of it, so he wasn't really qualified to teach it, but he did anyhow.

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