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  • My experiences have always been positive. I saw its all ok as long as they stay hard! My hubby doesn't need them, however when we are in a situation with couples, he will pop a little blue so he doesn't disappoint. And trust me doesn't disappoint! It's like adding jet fuel to fire. He's always good for a few rounds, but wit help he can take on two to three girls no problem.
    • officegirl
      Thank you for answering my question which went unanswered for a long time. Niki are you concerned at all about their cumulative negative health effects? I think becoming older (which we are very fast) I would rather have a healthy husband than a hard husband if it comes to that choice. I have been with men in their mid - later 40s who took Cialis and what they were able to do individually and collectively was just amazing. But I wonder how much they were hurting themselves. Also I wonder how much we are to blame expecting more of men as they become older when I think they would more naturally be able to do less.
    • Beach_Niki
      I'm not really that worried since he only takes a few times a year. Your welcome btw!

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