• We all drink the hell out of beer...and several of them are my neighbors.
    • ladyEmma
      Ha-ha! Same here. It seems all of my girlfriends and I are beer drinkers.
  • Most of us are couples, work in business or teaching, have our own businesses, are educated, of middle age, see ourselves as non-conformists in different ways, have pretty good lives, most enjoy and support the arts (one branch or other).
    • Azlotto
      @officegirl..That's a big contrast to my answer ; )
    • officegirl
      Well I was just trying to think of what might bind us and those are what I came up with. I drink beer sometimes but mostly wine. And most of us I think drink but on our own rather than together mostly.
  • not much which is probably why i dont seem to make any friends here lately

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