• A tad perhaps. Maybe that will be one of the next things they add.
    • Ice man
      I hope you're right, but in the meantime I think I'll tell the people that I've selected to follow myself. I would rather they know. Thanks ; )
    • officegirl
      Ice man I think that is very polite.
  • I don't have any followers on this profile yet, Ice man. I have two anonymous followers on one of my other profiles, and I wouldn't be surprised if you are one of them. Lol:)
    • Ice man
      Well you can take comfort in knowing it's not me ... I think ( lol). I will be letting those I follow know. Thanks : )
    • Nosmo King
      I just checked the "following" link on the aforementioned profile and guess what, Ice man? Lol:)
    • Ice man
      Have you commented anything about Made in China ?
  • I used to find the idea of being followed creepy anyway. But I think it's even creepier when you're being followed by someone who's never asked or answered any questions.
    • Ice man
      It means you have a secret admirer. There are probably 4 or 5 times more voyeurs here than people who actually participate.
    • Linda Joy
      4 or 5 times! I was thinking it was about 50-50 but what do I know, right?
  • This site seems really basic and could use a lot of improvements. I used to use AB a lot around 2010 or so and it was much different. I wish I could tell when questions were posted. Also I'd love to be able to login and get "alerts" or something rather than emails telling me somebody answered my question etc.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Your comment just made me realize that I probably shouldn't complain, considering I don't know how much work would be involved for a volunteer. I'm a bad millenial when it comes to tech stuff. You clearly know more than me on this
  • 8-23-2017 A lot of things about this site are creepy, but one thing makes it a winner: friendly members. There are several better sites, but the members are just not acceptable.
    • Abha
      For the first time, you said something nice ...
  • Yeah, I think so. I mean I don't have any followers, and I don't even want any. But for those who have, or even if I will have any (in future), it must/will be a problem.
    • Ice man
      Not really a problem anymore, I'll explain ... This question is very old and dates back to the early development days of this current website. At the time the program writers were focused on putting up new features, that were incomplete. After seeing questions, like this one, they realized their mistakes and made corrections. Towards the upper left corner of your profile page you'll see your "stats" list. In that list you can see the number of "followers". The number should be in a brownish/yellow square. If you click on that square, it will show you the avatars of all your followers. If you click on their avatars, it will take you to their profile pages. Sometimes it takes a day for their avatar to appear on your followers list (before you can see who they are). I hope this helps. : )
    • Abha
      ohhh thank you
  • Don't be silly, these are liberal democraps!
  • yes, that is weird
  • you have a point, i never thought of that
  • hmmm.. i have 7 followers.. and i know who they are. i can visit their profile as well.
    • Ice man
      And that's the way it should be. Back when I asked this question ... we couldn't see who was following us, and it seemed a bit creepy at that time. The Administration was kind enough to change things to the way they are now. P.S. It's nice to see you again, I've changed jobs and I'm not around here much anymore. How have you been?
    • Myang
      ahhhhh. hahaha.. my answer was too late ! :D P.S. It's really nice indeed to see you again here Sir! :) I changed job as well haha! I am a working in business related works. How about you? you're not driving in Icy places anymore? How are you Sir?
    • Ice man
      I'm fine, and thank you for asking, but I live in an area that has harsh icy winters. So I'm still driving in bad road conditions, but I'm used to it and I'm not running all the way across Canada anymore. Now I'm never more than a day or two from home, where as I was always gone for 2 or 3 weeks at a time before. I think I like this better (for now) lol. And you ? How do you like your new job ?
    • Myang
      Oh.. harsh icy winters? is that Oymyakon in Russia? :D I just read some articles regarding in that place. For me that was a good example of a place with harsh icy winters :D . and good to hear about your new job Sir Ice man. You can stay with your family longer. :) that was nice. About my new job, I like it because i don't feel bored anymore.. besides I haven't notice the time when i am working. For me . its really better than before. :D

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