• Money and what was once the registration for my car. I'm usually pretty good about emptying out my pockets before throwing clothes into the laundry basket, but I guess than evening I'd had a few Tequilas (okay maybe more than a few) and the pockets got missed somehow. Anyway, when my jeans came out of the washer I realized my mistake. The money was still in one piece (just need to be ironed) but my registration was nothing more than a shredded wad of paper. No speeding for a couple of days till the paper work got replaced.. : )
  • Hmm! I don't know if it's odd, but once when I went out, mid morning I went into my pocket for my handkerchief but felt a rustling feeling. I grabbed and pulled out 4 or 5 $100 bills.
  • Above comments~Excellent Dec. 02
    • ladyEmma
      I like that you're dating your answers. Good idea! It's frustrating not knowing when a question was asked and when the responses are from.
  • 12-02-2016 A button, sewed to the outside of the pocket but inside the pants. It apparently is a replacement for the fly button. I more often need a replacement for the zipper pull.
  • My hand
  • A tiki idol.
  • Ping-pong table....

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