• The question got cut off - Boy, 11, plays Grand Theft Auto - then steals his parents
    • Ice man
      LOL did it again. -A little boy was so carried away by the thrills of Grand Theft Auto that he decided to try it out in real life ? and hopped into his parents? car for a 70 mph race down a highway.
  • Good to see what the future holds lol
    • Ice man
      Yup, and the scary part is - you got that right !! ; )
  • So we should avoid letting our kids play this game and getting inspired by it??
    • Ice man
      To be honest with you I wouldn't let kids play with it. A few years back my friend's kids wanted me to play Grand Theft Auto with them. (They think I'm cool because I take them for little rides on my motorcycle). So I sat down with the kids to watch and learn (never saw it before). Within 20 minutes I was asking my buddy if he'd ever checked it out. He said no that it was just a kid's game. I explained that his kids were (using and) being influenced by extremely profane language coming from thieves, druggies, pimps and hookers. Stealing, shooting, driving over & killing people (including police) were objects of the game.. Later that night the game got tossed into the river.
  • Wonder what happened to the kid?
    • Ice man
      I would imagine that Dad took the keys away. LOL
    • Linda Joy
      I would hope so!

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