• Hike in the woods.Ride a bicycle.. shoot arrows at a target..get a metal detector. ski,sled, take photos. etc.
  • i am a big fan of ping pong. most table tennis tables today can be set up for one person to play. this is an excellent way to improve your skills and develop good eye to hand coordination as well as entertain yourself when nobody else is around. we have written a detailed review on this topic which you can see here =>
  • Let me add running as well and walking we do a lot of that around here
  • Jog, sight see, swim, shoot hoops, jump rope, shop, window shop, roller skate or blade, ride a bike, climb a tree, fly a kite, walk on a nature trail, or the beach, swing at the park, go to the zoo or botanical gardens, walk a dog, turn cartwheels, catch butterflies, pick up trash, garden, sun bathe, sing, build something, ride a horse, play jack's, meet people, make friends
  • Go fishing, Jeeping in the high country, hiking, and camping. Although all are more fun with others.

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