• Unless you can support yourself by being a photographer in the beginning, I you might need to get a job to subsidize your income.
  • There is no job called "photographer". You can be a journalist with a camera, or a wildlife scientist with a camera, or a wedding consultant with a camera, or a political analyst with a camera, but you will starve as a photographer. Get "Dress For Success" by John Molloy and consider his advice for students: * Vocal skill will affect your earning power more than any other detail. * Acting skill will get you a job offer even when you are not qualified for the job. * The most important benefit you get from school is your address book. - The difference between a successful person and a very successful person is that the latter knows hundreds more people, and knows them quite well. * No school will teach you any of the above. They don't even teach how to do well in their school.
    • OC Joe
      There is definitely a job called "photographer" and this post seems, by in large, to miss the entire point in favor of a how-to-get-hired at anything approach.
  • If you have no training as a photographer then you need to do that first. You also need to determine what kind of photography you want to do and understand that if you are not very good at it, you will probably not be able to make a living at it. Wedding photographers, to start, work almost exclusively Saturday afternoons and evening. Because of that one can keep their day job during the week until you get experience and a strong portfolio to build the photography business.
  • Perfect the index.
  • Follow your dream.
  • I met someone who operates a postcard/art shop a few months of the year in a tourist area selling his own photos. The rest of the year, he is a photographer for hire (weddings/events, etc.)
  • Get a job. With cheap cameras, there is almost no way to make a living as a photographer. You'll need a lot of time to build up a reputation and you can do that on nights and weekends.
  • Both Your passion will keep you motivated if you believe in yourself. The photographers eye can be developed by having experiences in life, perhaps out of the ordinary, like working on a cruse ship
  • maybe you should get a job so you have the money to be a photographer

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