• I tend to drive/work most of the night while the "gettin' " is good and the scales are closed. Then sleep when I can and go again. So I have no set hours, only deadlines. : (
    • beaker95
      Do you pee into a plastic bottle and throw it out the window whilst driving....?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. You gotta be careful how you go about that.! The opening is kind of small, so there's a danger of shooting it all over your lap. In a worse case scenario: full-on firehose effect! (eep) Uh, someone told me. *blink* (Though I did have a friend who tried wizzing out the window at 70 kph.) (He never tried that again! Oh that didn't go well at all! rofl) Well.. I was in the back seat, and it started to rain violently (I tell myself it was only rain) *begins to rock back & forth and suck thumb again*. I frantically ended up trying to climb up ONto the driver's seat, yelling stop! for gods sakes stop michael!!...and then I was afraid to sit back down. LOL (But what was really funny, was while our genius friend, was hanging it out the window, we drove by these two little old ladies on the side of the road. They were quite surprised!
  • At least an hour and a half before my due-in-time. It seems like a long time to me (quick shower, shave, breakfast, out the door) but whenever I cut it shorter, I'm always late.
    • Ice man
      It's funny how that works. It's the same for me when I'm leaving from home. Thanks
  • I don't work!!
    • Ice man
      Are you broken ?? Filthy rich ?? LOL Sometimes I wish I didn't have to. :
    • RareCatch
      Not broken, not filthy rich, just an old retired old goat! Broke as hell haha Nov.15
  • I get up: On Dayshift: 06.30, for a 07.18 start. On Nights: 13.00, for a 20.18 start.

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