• I think it's going to change a lot. With all the medical technology and plastic surgery, how can it not?
  • Stay the same. No matter how much we change, it seems like we come back to the same things. Men like guns and cars. Women like clothes and food. And never the twain shall meet.
  • Sexual Dimorphism as defined by Science Magazine., official periodical for the "American Society for the Advancement of Science" is division of two sexes, female and male. Fact is fetuses are at first non sexual. Then around 3 months into development there is the Wolfian duct and the Mullerian duct. Each duct is responsible for male female sexuality.
  • This goes according to seasons. Right now we are deep in the bulls#!t season, so it is unlikely to get a straight answer to such a question. Both sides of the dispute insist that the difference is genetic, and both sides insist that it is a personal choice.
  • 8-9-2017 BTW do you actually know what "dimorphism" means, or are you just pretending to know something? (HINT: The word does not apply to humans.)
    • mugwort
      JewelsVern. Are you consistently this nasty and meanspirited? Its one thing to say someone's wrong but your tone is so demeaning.
    • Jewels Vern
      I'm going to charm school, but it's tough pretending to be nice all the time. I'm older'n dirt, and everybody knows "old" and "crabby" go together.
    • Linda Joy
  • Stay the same. There has always been a VERY SMALL FRACTION of a percent of people who are not 'normal'. This just happens to be a season when the media wants to blow it way out of proportion and give the illusion of acceptance when really its just the opposite with a cancel culture for anyone who doesn't support the minority in making rules for the majority just because they want to feel accepted. Frankly I think everyone should keep their sexuality private. Then it won't be an issue. No one deserves special rules just because they are different. I thought they wanted to be treated the same anyway. Why all the fuss about sexuality?

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