• If you've known her for a year, do you know any of her family and close friend you could tell? Can you call a suicide helpline? I would definitely try to tell someone that could watch her beforehand.
  • Ok so I've dealt with this first hand aswell with an ex boyfriend, the thing is, you might love her but in this life, we have to some times think about what's going to help our own lives in the long run, if she really loved you, she wouldn't be putting the guilt on you if u leave her, I left my boyfriend even though he said all these things but I realised, he's on his own journey and I'm on mine so if he chooses to do that, it's got nothing to do with me and in the back on my mind, I cant say I didn't try to make it work. People that say those things have a lot of insecurities about being alone and it's an attention thing, think about it, if u were really going to commit suicide, would u tell anyone, no you would just do it, im not saying she wouldn't but Im saying, in this life, we are all on our own journey and no one can truly help us but ourselves. good luck.
  • Despite placing her in securities on you, she needs professional help. One can not remain in a relationship for fear another could physically harm themselves. While this is easier said than done at times, it is important that you remove yourself and get clarity while being safe. Reach out to her parents and show concern by letting them know you're worried and she needs help or seek help for yourself. Despite her mental health status it wouldn't be such a bad idea for you to share your feelings with a neutral person to help you following this treatment.
  • ow em gee. this sounds really depressing for me. You better share those things about your girlfriend's family. And try to investigate about her past or experiences why she's like that. Maybe you'll understand her more after that. :)
  • All of which are her attempts at controlling you. Please don't allow yourself to be emotionally blackmailed. Tell her you want to break up and why. Be honest as you would with anyone else. If she threatens to do this or that tell her you can't control what she does. If she says you don't love her tell her then why do you want to be with someone who doesn't love you? If she tries to strangle you ask her if she thinks that is proper behavior. She has learned a lot of negative approaches to things and she has to replace them with healthier approaches. Which is not your job or responsibility to teach her.
  • She's not gonna kill herself. Her threatening to do so is just more emotional abuse. If you stick around, it's not gonna get better.
  • First of all don't let her play mind games on you. Tell her family and leave her if you don't wanna be with her. From my experience with people that threatens to kill themselves only get it right by acident... They never really meant to do it and just seeked attention. People that actually want to do it will just do it. She obviously need help so try and get her the help through her family or something, but don't let her play the emotional game with you. It will just break you in the end.
  • She's manipulating you. Go ahead and leave her. Be sure she gets help. Give her the number to The Suicide Prevention hotline. Let her parents know of these threats.
  • Sometimes you have to be selfish and let her go. Sometimes it's the most selfless thing you can do. By staying with her, you are enabling her. By leaving her, you're letting her know there are consequences to her toxic behaviour.
  • shes trying to control you, just tell her parents what shes been saying to you
  • The first thing to realize is that you are not responsible for how another person feels. You can't control how another feels. Think about can't "make' someone fall in love with you. She obviously needs special help. Talk with her parents or friends and suggest she needs help. Tell her she is responsible for her conduct, not you.
  • shes trying to control you by saying that, i would just break up with her anyways
  • 8-18-2017 Tell her "Don't bleed on the carpet," and walk out.
  • She's abusive, dude. Get rid of her. It sounds hard, but what she does after that is her problem.
  • shes trying to control you by saying that, dont let her do that to you

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