• I have a identical twin brother with whom I am very close, and we are very affectionate towards each other. I also have a great relationship with my parents, we hug and kiss each other often and my parents are always telling my brother and I that we are very special and that they both love us. very much.
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      sounds like a awsome relaytionship
    • jessica155
      oh and the reason i'm asking this question is because my family isn't affectionate at all our parents anyway so i was wondering if it was different in other family's
    • jessica155
      must have bin interesting
  • Growing up with my two sisters and brother. Our parents were very affectionate to us. There was no gender basis. We all were tread equal in the family. Huges, kissings, be hold was very common in our family. We had an open door policies with each other. There was no shame, shyness in be love or give love. When we were together that we were closes. For example I could be watching televesion with my brother and sister and it was very common if one of the sister or brother was laying back in my arms and I would hold them. The same goes with our parents, they would do the same. Touching each other was a non sexual. We love to be warm with each other. Massage was another thing we did in our family.
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      that sounds wonderful
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      Thats nice.
  • It's like living in a bus terminal: lots of familiar faces and nobody actually has a fight with anybody, we just don't want the responsibility of a relationship. Strangers treat me better than family.
  • really interesting the anwsers my question is getting
  • surprised for so many anwsers looking forward to see more opinions
  • Since I am the only one left living, I'd say that this is a moot question. However when they were alive I got along with my brother and mother very well, my father less so. Yet during tough times we would all gather round, pull together. I miss them so much. I envy them their rest.
  • awesome opinions ?
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      I meant to say awesome opinions with out the ?
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  • In general not very when I was growing up or later with a few exceptions

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