• I usually fry them sliced in a fry pan. .Just one of the ingredients of my world famous omelettes. ; )
  • I don't fry my tomatoes.
    • RareCatch
      Have you ever tried it they are great! Thanks for answering Nov.19
  • I don't fry my tomatoes.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Sorry, unintentional duplicate post.
  • My Friend fries them I olive oil with garlic, mushrooms and green peppers. I bread them in cracker crumbs when frying.
  • Have never fried tomatoes. Usually eat them raw and sliced in summer or make Pico de Gallo with them (chopped salsa).
  • Hi Rare. O buy very firm green tomatoes. I slice them about 1/2 to 3/8 inch thickness. I mix flour and cornmeal about 50/50 adding salt and pepper. I wet each slice with water right before putting in the flour mixture to coat it until it's dry. Drop into hot oil and cook until brown on each side. Man, are they good!!! I don't fry in my house, but occasionally I use the electric skillet out on the patio and fry okra and/or tomatoes. 11/30

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