• This isn't the question I clicked on. What is happening?
  • It's not wise to even ask such a question or in any way mention u_p_lo-a,d i n_g. Modern law enforcement uses computer programs told to "look further" whenever they see a "flag word". You just said a flag word. Second point: Giving anyone your phone number is giving them evidence of more specifically who you are at that IP address. If you get looked into for providing c-o..p_y-,r..i g.h,t-e/d materials to be copied on the internet, they can identify what computer was used, and the name & address of whoever owns the ISP account. But they can't prove who was operating the computer that may have done something wrong. It could have been a friend, a kid, a hijacker (bots do things like that without you knowing). This does not mean it's safe to do whatever you want. They can always get a knockless warrant, based on no proof (but some suspicion), and search your stuff for the proof they need for a bust. So you really do want to keep your nose clean. There's no reason to be UL'ing anything. It's a dead giveaway of f-i,l e s_ha r,i-n/g going on. Don't do that, and you won't get in trouble. If you want to see something free, go to the LIBRARY. Or YOU TUBE. THERE YA GO. --------- As to your question about giving phone's a good policy to never do that! Also never type your e-mail address anywhere publicly, or you'll end up on a spam list. And never tell a new friend your personal information, because too often the friendship ends and it gets used against you. You don't even really want to reveal what city or even state you're in, because there are stalkers AND lunatics who could just show up at your door! The safe approach to being on the internet is to be as anonymous as humanly possible, don't reveal real information, and don't break laws. And you'll be fine. ((But as to your sense of worry today, no, giving your phone number once to verify an account, probably wont in itself result in trouble. Just don't be doing anything wrong (think of being online as being like standing in the middle of the police station...because you can and are being seen. And your IP address is like the license plate on your car. It's all very public) ....but if you do no actual wrong, you'll have no worries.

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