• In florence last week... the taxi to the outskirts cost 18 euros, but we ran out of money, so jumped on a bus on the way back and jumped off again without paying... I've never wanted to go unnoticed so much before!.. But now I feel horribly guilty x
  • Today when I let my daughter drive on the interstate. She takes her driver's test in two days.
  • When I jumped off of high rock... It's a rock that's about 35 feet above a body of water and you have to jump out and clear a rock from down below... I was really close to the rock when i jumped...
  • today wooohoo. its the little things that count and make a difference sometimes might i add ;-)
  • I have taken several since meeting Arisztid 2.5 years ago. Getting to know him online, meeting him IRL, loving him, making love with him, helping him move up here with me, and so on. I have been introduced to a LOT of new things since meeting him, and new things are always a risk. Especially since he is a self-admitted kinky person. :P
  • Taking one right now with the job.

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