• nope ps2 games cant be played in ps1 . although ps1 games can be played in ps2. quite annoying and no a psp (playstation portable) looks like this
  • A PSP is a PlayStationPortable x
  • To answer the part about are playstation 1 CDs avaliable, yes, but many shops concentrate on PS2 or even PS3 games.I have found playstation 1 games in charity shops and Argos, UK.You may find a few second hand in game shops-where people take back their old games.PS2 upwards generally has better graphics. The psp is a portable machine.
  • PSP means "PlayStation Portable", it is a small hand-held Playstation that a lot of people say isn't really worth the money. Playstation 1 CD's are still available, but in many placed only 2nd-hand. PS2 CD's cannot be played on a PS1, unless the CD specifically says otherwise (which it won't, lol)

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