• No Direction Home.
  • Ken Burns documentaries "Baseball" and "The Civil War" were both excellent. Also the one now showing on HBO about the Brooklyn Dodgers was excellent as well.
  • I love documentaries, here a few I really liked: Enron - the smartest guys in the room Riding Giants - (surfing) First Ascent - (rock climbing) I've also heard that the Fog of War is good, but I've yet to see it There was one I saw a while back, about a terrorist cell that held parents, teachers and students hostage in a war torn school - it was terrific - It broke my heart, the footage was excellent and there were several poignant interviews with the children. I wish I could tell you the name, I can't recall it. **Off to do research** Also, one last mention Death of a President is more of a mockumentary - but very good in my opinion. It's about the hypothetical assassination of Geroge W Bush - but it's shot like a documentary.
  • The Power of Nightmares, by Adam Curtis.
  • Outfoxed Weapons of mass deception The war we cant win
  • My all time favorite documentary is “Why We Fight” by filmmaker Eugene Jarecki. Why We Fight is a 2005 documentary film about the United State's relationship with war. It was first screened at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival on January 17, 2005, exactly 44 years after Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell address. It won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary. Why We Fight describes the rise and maintenance of the United States military-industrial complex and its involvement in the wars led by the United States during the last fifty years, and in particular in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The film alleges that in every decade since World War II, the American public has been told a lie to bring it into war to fuel the military-economic machine, which in turn maintains American dominance in the world. It includes interviews with John McCain, Chalmers Johnson, and Richard Perle.
  • - GRASS It should be required to watch in school. info: the film:
  • I enjoy documentaries, especially history ones. Here are a few I've liked a lot: Ken Burns' Civil War Battlefield Britain Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State History Channel: The Tsars
  • Science/tech documentaries like PBS and BBC routinely produce are da bomb. BBC Atom is a recent one that kicks some serious butt. To me, it does for quantum physics what Sagan's Cosmos did for cosmology. It really gives some history, and some insights, into the whole field, from its origins, to current events.
  • The Canary Effect -all time fav!- Finally one about what happened to us natives.
  • Journey Through The Valley Of The Kings Egypt's Golden Empire Pompeii: The Last Day (This was a Docu-Drama) Dalai Lama: Soul Of Tibet Christa McAuliffe: Reach For The Stars China Revealed China Rises

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