• Organs Chemical makeup Spiritual essence
  • I think it is in the way we relate to our peers on a social level. Women relate to other women quite differently than men relate to other men. Women listen and companion other women, creating a group. Men solve problems and individuality seems to be the point of any interaction with other men. I think it may have evolved in response to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our ancestors. Hunters are solitary within a cooperative group. They must be able to make fast and individual choices on how to make a successful hunt while running and tracking game. Women, on the other hand, carrying and watching children, pregnant, smaller and concerned with minutae of day-to-day care of the family/clan depend on other women for information, help with all of the chores, keeping watch and helping defend each other and the children as a group. Even our different ways of urinating point out these aspects. Men can stand erect, see in all directions, run, fight and defend themselves while emptying his bladder. Women must expose herself and then squat, making her ability to see danger and defend against it a big problem. She must place herself in a defensless position to urinate. I also think this is the reason women tend to go the bathrooms in groups to this day.
  • Well, if you have to ask...
  • The most fundamental would be internal vs. external genitalia and the purpose of secondary sex organs including breasts. After that, I would say that it has more to do with a fundamental desire to use tools and video games (my wife is obsessed with them).
  • Most men love the hunt - Where as women love the passion - Thats just one of many
  • The capacity to make a baby. Women have it, men don't. Don't give me any of these crappy social differences, they don't mean anything.
  • Men are more to the point. Women like the buildup. Men like Golf. Women don't. Men like the challenge and once they have their prey once they want to go to sleep. Women want to go again, and again, and again. Women are irrational when it comes to what matters, and I love it. I love women. I do. Yummy. I hope I answered your question.
  • If you have to ask you spend to much time on the internet.
  • If you take a naked man, and stand him next to a naked woman, you will get the general idea...
  • Men are less emotional. Women are prone to high levels of emotionality. Men are more simple and linear in their thought process while Women are more complex, empathetic and well as more talkative. Men have lower rates of depression.
  • Men don't ask if those pants make they're butt look big.
  • Women are soft and curvy. Men are just utilitarian, like jeeps!
  • Women are nicer to look at...just my viewpoint :o)
  • Oh! now he brings science into
  • Dudes can pee their initials in the snow. Chicks cant...unless the initials are puddle shaped ;-)
  • Women have two X, or female, chromosomes, but men have one X and one Y, or male, chromosome.
  • a zygote is a gametes way of making more gametes---------smile and enjoy the night
  • Men have penises instead of brains! Woman r inteligent
  • You mean you dont know???
  • Other than physical traits, it would probably be how each gender generally communicates.
  • the biggest difference between men and women is that men act,women appear.further men build,women furnish.women look at the trees,men look at the forest.
  • Well there is alot that can be said about that. Besides the physical parts of coarse!!! I generally think that men and women are pretty much the same. They both have emotions and feelings and at some time and point in their life they both have bad days, sad days, good days, they both gossip, they both burp and fart, cuss, drink beer, they are both humans. Unless you wanna get in to the whole sex change thing then well that is all I am going to say.
  • Think Wizard of Oz....brain, heart and decide on who's got what.
  • Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.
  • I think this explains everything. It is a Government Information Film.... I know of what I speak I am Professor Emeritus at Harvard and a Practising Priest.

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