• I reckon so. Surely everyone should be allowed to find happiness? Have they though? I haven't heard this. Seems a silly thing to do as they'll be losing a whole batch of potential customers!
  • Yeah, that is pretty rude!
  • What or who is E-Harmony please?
  • It's their right to refuse service go gay people. However, I personally believe that they should accept gay clients. They are only hurting themselves by shorting their own profits.
  • I go back and forth on this one. As a lesbian, I know it is a desire of many of "my people" to find the love of their lives -- which is what EHarmony promises. I would love to have those resources available to the gay community for those who are interested. However, I understand the argument that the personality test was derived and refined with opposite sex couples in mind. I also recognize that they are a private company who can offer or restrict their services to anyone they choose. I suppose the ideal solution would be for a entrepreneur to make GayHarmony, or some such thing, because the interest definitely exists for such a thing.
  • It seems to me that when you set up a business designed to serve the public, that should mean ALL the public; whether Gay or Straight. At least that should be the ethically/morally correct answer, if not the legally correct answer.
  • I had no idea that they did that. It's discrimination and they are only hurting themselves. Seems like a lame site for a lot of money, so in the end the gay people are better off without them, in my humble opinion.
  • They're concerned about Christian values, ok who cares, there are plenty of gay dating sites and I don't think anybody is going to be affected by this decision. It's just a website and can do whatever the hell it wants.
  • I believe that E-Harmony was started by a Christian. Most Christian denominations believe that homosexual relationships are sinful. That being the case, I don't see them opening their doors to a lifestyle they see as being wrong. Is it right? I don't believe it is. But, they do have to right to practice their beliefs. There are other companies that provide the same services that don't care if their clients are gay. And there is nothing keeping someone from developing a site that caters to gay people. I think using other sites is a reasonable alternative. Besides, do you really want your money going to a person who believes something like that?
  • I think it's wrong. They also refuse service to people who are separated but not yet officially divorced. This, I think, is reasonable.
  • Yes. For a dating site, unless they specify that their site is for religious fanatics only, they should allow anyone to find anyone who is 18 and older. I think it's ABSOLUTELY wrong, and if I were ever single again would NOT use their services for anything.
  • I think any type of discrimination is wrong no matter who's doing it.
  • E-harmony is just wrong! I know many people who were on that site, paid a lot, and never even met anyone, and certainly didn't find the love of their lives. Yahoo Personals is better, and it aint great. But as to your question, yes, they are wrong for refusing service to anyone if they didn't state up front that this was their policy. Most people would avoid the service if they did, so I am certain it wasn't an oversight. Judging on the evidence, the fellow who created it is a money grubbing bigot.
  • Since I'm in a committed relationship, I didn't realize that they did! It's a privately held company, as far as I know, so they have the right to run their company within the limits that they choose to set. I don't believe this is MORALLY or ETHICALLY right. It's yet another trampling of OUR CIVIL RIGHTS, and in some states it might be against the law. Although, WE certainly DO NOT currently HAVE our Civil Rights here in the good old USA. I'm sure it would take a few Gay and/or Lesbian people to raise enough of a stink about it to gather any sort of legal support...a stink and probably some money too. (unless they can get a pro bono attorney to take up the cause).
  • I would want nothing to do with them. They have shown their true colours, therefore, I would stay away from there. I am unaware of what it is, however, there are plenty of LGBT sites.
  • No it is not.
  • No it's not wrong. The service that they provide is for heterosexual men and women. The science behind the testing process does not include gays. Perhaps the American Psychiatric Association will first have to remove homosexuality from the 'Sexual Disorders Not Otherwise Specified' area of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (a handbook for mental health professionals that lists different categories of mental disorders).
  • I suppose it's their right to cater to whomever they please. however, when they claim they want to help people find the love of their lives, but don't allow everyone to participate, they are discriminating. I have met my previous and current partner online, thanks to eHarmony. There are plenty of other sites out there that we can use...who needs them?
  • Do they really? I didn't know that. I do think it's wrong. It should be open to everyone.
  • There are 2 issues here. The argument that their personality tests is based on heterosexual relationships assumes that homosexual relationships are somehow different. They are not. The second issue is that some states have discriminatory laws that would make this practice illegal. There is currently a case in CA for this exact reason. Personally I would not use their service because their initial public responses showed their true colors. They softened their subsequent statements, undoubtedly due to legal advice.
  • Maybe I am not with the mainstream here, but I think they should have the right to do whatever they want. If they don't want to do the LGBT thing, their BUSINESS should not be forced to do it.
  • forget E-harmony. find a gay hook up that caters to your needs. trust me I went through that with straight oriented phone lines. Gay for Gay is just so much more satisfying

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