• We don't, as practice goes. Traditionally it's eaten hot with butter and jam/marmalade. I presume you got a dodgy hotel.
  • I like cold toast with butter that hasnt melted
  • I like my toast to go cold, then butter it. Its lovely. But I wouldn't do that if I was putting jam or peanut butter on.
  • because were hardcore lol
  • They save energy (electricity).....
  • I don't believe that the British eat their toast cold, I certainly haven't. However, there's a critical time between when the toast pops up and is taken from the toaster to the surface on which it is laid and butter or other spreads are applied. This time is crucial because the toast has been removed from the heat source and is now rapidly losing heat and becoming cold. It's important that you apply your chosen spread to the toast before it cools enough to be classed as cold. There are several factors to take into consideration including the ambient temparature of the room the toast is being prepared in, the temparature of the spreading surface and the temparature of the spread and the temparature of the plate the toast will lay on whilst it it is waiting to be eaten. You may want to practice several techniques of spreading your chosen topping on the toast, if you're like me, you'll like your spread to meet the edges. Spread quickly and make sure your spread isn't too cold otherwise you'll surely end up with cold toast. Try heating the plate up at the same time the toast is being prepared. If you're fancy, like me, you'll have one of those toasters with a warming rack built in. Engage the warming rack and place the plate face down on the warming rack. This will warm the plate and ensure that the cold surface of the plate doesn't cool your toast down too rapidly. Be careful though, the plate could become hot and may burn your fingers. You could try spreading your toast on a wooden chopping board. Wood is a poor conductor, remember those home economics lessons, and shouldn't cool your toast down too quickly. If you enjoy a slice with a light spreading, I have to admit that I like my toast with a thick spread of butter on it, then you might try putting the toast back into the toaster to warm it a little after spreading. I wouldn't recommend putting the toast back into the toaster if you've applied a large amount of spread, or anything sticky or sugary, you could damage your toaster. Hope this helps.

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