• It's entirely possible you could be suffering from Laryngitis, which according to Wikipedia can last up to three weeks. Treatment with antibiotics can help clear it up, but it's not a permanant condition (or shouldn't be) - so it should clear up within the next ten days. If it doesn't, you might want to reconsider visiting your doctor. The wikipedia article on it can be found at
  • webmd you can go to that site and get some ideas of what it could be. Go look at home remedies on the internet.Go to a health store after to have an idea and pick up some cheap herbs.Tea is wonderful when you have a sore throat and honey coats the swollen glands.Gargle with salt and warm water.There are clinics that have sliding scale fees.There a health departments that have nurses that could take a look for free and be just as useful than a doctor in general questions and answers.Cough drops with honey inside the middle are good as candy.
  • Fever means your body is trying to fight off an infection. All I can suggest is antibiotics, but than you would have to see a doctor. I believe that acidopholus capsules are helpful with fending off infectionand can be found at most drug and health food stores. But again, they cost money.

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