• Yahoo! Answers is the most popular, but AnswerBag should be!
    • Jewels Vern
      Yahoo Answers is a mucking fess, about to implode. Anybody can get your post deleted there, and you get a nastygram scolding you because of it. Bad manners rule.
    • Crazychick
      What about mad banners? Lol:)
  • is a relationship/agony aunt one worth while having a look at. hope this helps.
  • Social Q&A sites: "Question and answer sites are yet another category of social search sites that have been around forever. Most public library sites offer "aska" services, which allow you to post questions to librarians and get answers, by email, instant message or SMS. Online forums and bulletin boards have also served the purpose of allowing people to post questions and get answers. Google started its Answers service several years ago. Want an answer to just about any question you may have? Simply post the question and offer a bounty from $2 - $200, and you'll get consideration from an army of Google-qualified volunteers who will research the question for you. Other Q&A services, which are free, include Yahoo Answers, Answerbag, Wondir and others. MSN also has its Live QnA service in early prototype." Source:
  • Fluther is by far the most popular from my experience and is the most prompt, efficient and mature. I did rather enjoy the old Answerbag but haven't yet gotten to know the new one.
  • Answermug. Have you tried that?

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