• well...if you don't want to be with him, then drop him. end it now. if you want to continue the relationship, either accept him for how he is or tell him that he's getting clingy, how and why it bothers you, be open and honest..
  • hes clingy??? i would give anything for a clingy bf, they are so sweet. but tell him to give you some space. it is that simple.
  • I am a clingy girlfriend, but the reason I am is because at the beginning of our relationship he went out with the guys one night and met another woman whom he exchanged phone numbers with and considered going to meet. When I found out and threatened to leave he was devastated and promised never to do anything so silly again. However, he works away from home and much as I try not to, there are times I am really inseucre and clingy. But I love him very much and don't want to lose him.
  • if the relationship is good otherwise, talk to him about it. tell him that you are feeling overwhelmed by his attention and that it would be beneficial to the relationship if he relaxed and gave you a bit more space. if the relationship is not good, then it may be time to reassess why you are in it.
  • If the relationship has just started, it's probably just a phase, I had relationships that started like that, and as time passed and they felt more secure, they backed off, sometimes to a point where I was missing how they used to be.... So enjoy now that you have it, who knows if it could change with time.... Rarely a guy stays like that, believe me, of all the boyfriends I've had (many), only one stayed clingy for the entire relationship... But he was a controlling, possesive b*astard anyway.
  • Sit him down, and talk to him. Let him know you still like him (if you do, that is), and you still want to keep going out (exclusively, if you are), but you'd like some time to yourself, and your friends. Assure him that you aren't seeing other guys (or tell him you are, whichever is the case), and then give him a hug.
  • Downey.
  • Ive got a really clingy boyfriend..I do like him a little but like its annoying..Hes called me 9 times today because hes been constantly txing me and i jus cant be arsed to tx bk! Its like hes lovely but hes 5 years older than me and its wierd in the sense that hes sooo sweeet. My ex always wanted space and i felt as though i was the clingy one. Hes really really loving and in some ways its putting me off. But hes great..and i jus want to get used to it.. Help me please sombody!I jus want to knw how to deal with him.This is the starting of the relationship but hes told me hel never be any different.. hmm help me plz some one!
  • Honey- This WILL NOT CHANGE! He is insecure. Either get used to it and accept it or move on. But you will not be able to "train" him.
  • get the dryer sheets, "cling-free". give them as a gift to him. tell him that you like him but, specifically, you don't like [name a specific behavior] and tell him how that behavior makes you feel [e.g., smothered]. tell him a replacement behavior [e.g., only call every other day].
  • give him a dose of his own medicine, or have a talk express your feelings in a respectful way (especially if you wanna salvage the relationship)
  • be happy..there are gus who barely call and barely got one of the good ones
  • It means either he doesn't have a life of his own so he is trying to live through you or he is insecure and suspicious. Either way can be pretty oppressive. You need to decide whether the good you derive from your relationship is worth the bad.

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