• Its just cat cocaine, so pretty sure its gonna do nothing for you Lol roll into a joint and get back to me!
  • Actually it's more like cat pot, not cocaine. You can sprinkle it on something or just give them a little. They will sniff it, roll in it, and eat it. There aren't any side effects (other than your kitty becoming extra lovey and possibly drooly) but just make sure not to give too much at once, because if you over do it you can make kitty sick. It's a good "sometimes" treat.
  • These cats or off their heads, watch this !
  • good day, cat nip is only for cats i wouldn't recommend you doing it... or at least i hope that that wasn't your intention. for cats its a treat. as fox happy said, they eat it, roll in it and become pleasant and happy seeming. if you smoked it you might get sick.
  • I refer you to several answers I have made on this site about this same question! Catnip is not "just intended for cats" as another user suggested - before the advent of oriental teas, it was the most commonly drank tea in Europe! It has a mild sedative effect (not the kind of high most users - apart from maybe stoners - are looking for), which personally I find enjoyable and it does help me get to sleep at times! In very large amounts (several very strong teas for instance), it has been reported to produce hallucinogenic effects. Smoking it doesn't have any major effect - but I have found that it does produce a pleasingly aromatic smoke! When smoked with other things (for example some legal-high mixes), it can mildly enhance the effect and also make the smoke taste a lot nicer! Hope that is of some help - and just to note, if you plan on consuming the 'nip in any way, make sure that what you are buying is high-quality and pure! Some pet-catnips are contaminated with other plants, so make sure that what you are buying isn't!

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