• Im not much of a sprinter, but from my experiences on the track i know that physically, you must do the following to achieve your highest speed 1. run in full form 2. bring your knees up, not out (do not try to stride). 3. Pump your arms quickly but be sure to keep them paralell to each other and your body. 4. lean slightly foward 5. keep your body straight 6. loosen the muscles in your face 7. Look at least 10-15 meters ahead of you 8. when coming around a turn lean towards the infield Mentally, i would say do not think too much, just run. distance runners have to do alot of thinking becasue they have to pace themselves. there is no real pace in short sprints, so there is not much to think about. Just think about keeping your form together, and running through the line. To quickly build speed i would suggest doing 150's or 160's. run them faster and faster as the days progress. This will adjust your muscle memory so that your legs get used to running quickly. Do not do speedwork too often though, becasue you will either burn yourself out or you will pull muscles. Good Luck
  • For practicing a quick start, mentally, without getting tired physically, have somebody stand behind you. You stand in front of them, without looking at them; you just listen, with your hands ready to clap. When they clap, you clap right after. Running the 200 metre, you pray you get the inside lane furthest back. It helps to chase after the others ahead of you on the bend.
  • When I ran track in high school, I was also kind of a bad boy. So when I'd race, I'd pretend the police were chasing me. I did fairly well with that school of thought. Another(maybe humorous) approach would be to imagine all of the runners being chased by a pack of animals and if you get out in front the furthest, you won't be eaten.
  • It's a two step process. Train like a convict for three months prior to the event. On the day of the event, run like an escaping convict when you hear the gun. No offense meant to the Black runners on the track.

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