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  • It MIGHT mean that you are harboring some lesbian feelings, but not necessarily. In general, you are only considered a lesbian or bisexual if the thought of YOU having sex with another woman turns you on. Being turned on by two other women just makes you sexually open-minded. It could even be a result of knowing that girl-girl action might turn your male partner on more that makes it more exciting to you.
  • it means that you are enjoying what you want to see. It does not make you a lesbian etc. I too enjoy watching two women together. I love watching them kiss. It is tender and moving. It is me and my life! I see nothing wrong with it! And even if you touched yourself while watching, it is only your business! Do not worry and just enjoy life!
  • You might just be aroused by something you consider to be "taboo." That seems to serve as a great arouser of many people. "New" or "taboo," the unknown, can be very exhilerating.
  • It makes you incredibly SEXY!! ;-)
  • no 1 but you can say u r or you arnt you have to decide for ur self u can have sex with 300 girls but if you dont think u r a lesbiane you are not omg i think i have been waching to much opra and dr phill lol
  • Maybe you are just curious. I am not gay, maybe bi-curious. I believe many women find this thought exciting. Taboo. Maybe you just enjoy the look of a woman's body. I sure do. Mostly breasts really get me going.
  • Would you like to meet....
  • You maybe bi-sexual.
  • the only real way to tell whether you are lesbian or not is to have sex with another wooman, if you don't enjoy the real thing then you probably just like watching erotic porn. no shame. =D
  • Not necessarily. Maybe it means that you find women physically attractive even if you are only sexually attracted to men. Maybe what you need is a man who lives as a woman. That way you can have the best of both worlds.
  • do you constantly fantasize about having sex with another woman?
  • hmm, id say you're bi. I did the same, then i had this amazing realization and i was like :O!
  • always have sex with guys n u will forget women!
  • Nah, I like watching ur traditional guy on guy porn, and I've never really wanted to be a gay man!
  • Me too! And I am not attracted to woman in real life either, only guys. And for me, only women with big breasts turn me on... Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question...but honestly, it seems like most women are attracted to other women pornwise...

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