• Evidently, they'll be able to continue their monopoly on the drug now that it's over the counter, which means that those of us getting steep generic discounts through health insurance will have no choice than to buy the name brand drug as over-the-counter, at a higher price than we were paying when it was generic. It's another Big Pharma ripoff. Does anyone know where to get Miralax generic on-line?
  • Just ask your doctor to write a prescription for polyethylene glycol. Even if your insurance won't cover it, it is still cheaper than buying miralax over the counter. I get a huge bottle that retails for $29 but get it with a $10 copay.
  • Miralax gets a big over the counter debut because it works so well for so so many people who have constipation that is not helped by anything else (without a prescription)..The problem is that the original greedy companies that used to make it when it was rx brand only are want to charge us all to much money..just like claritin, zyrted and Xenical (aka alli)..As far a miralax is concerened you can get a generic over the counter form of it for sometimes half the price at walgreens. It is called SMOOTH LAX and is right next to the MIRALAX by the pharmacy.

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