• No moving parts so no mechanical wear. No metal contacts so no electrical arcing or oxidation. A clean change in voltage, so no "bouncing" like in mechanical switches. And the switching occurs extremely fast.
  • Not very many , for proper effect I suggest using one of these.
  • Transistor is small in size then that of relays and main point is that transistors can operate on less current but relays needs more current to operate But in last i will say both Transistor & Relays have their own characteristics to used in circuits.
  • 1-23-2017 Come on, that's like asking why to use a pencil to write. You figure out what you want to do, then choose the best equipment to do it. For example, you can't use a transistor for mechanical input. You have to use a mechanical switch. But you can arrange the mechanical part to block a beam of light and then you can use a phototransistor for a switch. If that's what you want to do.

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