• Walk it off. (But I DO know how you feel. Try to walk or do something, because if you eat you'll just be mad at yourself, too).
  • I suggest you do something more constructive like take a walk and get your frustrations out that way.
  • i just realized i didn't eat dinner, so that could be part of the reason i'm hungry, too.) - still though, whne i'm upset i want to eat sometimes and then i dont eat particulary healthy and i'm trying not to do that now..
  • Chant "Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo" (note: literal meaning - Devotion To The Mystic Law of Cause & Effect Through Sound, Learning & Vibration); try it for 10 minutes and see how it feels. This is a Buddhist prayer.
  • I suggest that you try and put an end to your temptations to eat junk. I used to have similar feelings but when I started using phentramin-d to curb on my cravings for junk food, I greatly benefited and I lost weight and my entire diet became normal. You can try and check how it works,

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