• No I would not anymore , None of those situations will happen.
  • I'm stuck on this one. I certainly would like to adopt, but I've always wanted to have a biological child of my own. At the same time, there are alot of "guck" in my family gene pool. Extreme Depression, Bi-Polar, DID (No diagnoses, but some were thought to have it) as well as many physical attributes that are less than satisfactory. I wouldn't want my child to grow up with all that. I've often thought of getting a tubal ligation so I don't pass that on. At the same time, since I can remember, I've always wanted to be pregnant and have a child of my own. Maybe we'll have one of both.
  • I wouldn't adopt children or have biological children of my own she or he might complain about themselves or see a doctor all the time. I would just get married without children which is best for me.
  • Rather adopt. There are too many people that decide to have children but are not capable to do it. and there are also children without parents. I would rather adopt one of these. Having a biological child is totaly irrelevant.
  • Right now I think I'd like to do both. I want to experience pregnancy and see what my future gene pool would be, but likewise I think I'd just like to give a child who has had a rough time a good home, better prospects and a lot of love. Of course it isn't set in stone, for one thing I've yet to hear what my future partner thinks :-)
  • It depends, it can be hard to know what will happen. I'm 21, but I have thought of this possible issue in the future. If I DO ever marry, it may be that my husband may want biological children. It seems logical anyway, as most people do, even if I do not have the same large urge to pass on my genes. In these terms I am willing to have one biologically speaking. Two is pushing it, but if it proves to be viable and he gives a convincing argument to do so then I might. If however we BOTH want more than two kids then adoption is what I would want. It is irresponsible these days to have lots of biological children and it is selfish. It is a huge set back for the world environmentally speaking as well as other things. Plus there are lots of kids out there which actually need a home. Really, in a marriage I would probably have one kid biologically and one or two adopted in an ideal world. If I never marry I can see myself adopting one kid. If you're curious, I do have a 'normal' family (as in I lived with my biological parents, currently in my last year of university) with a younger sister. My uncles and Aunts have more than two kids on average. I don't know anybody adopted either and have yet to look into the system that exists in the UK. Adopting outside the country is also a possibility, but we'll have to see. Fostering is also a possible area to look into.
  • I don't think I will do either. Unfortunately.
  • I would rather have my own kids...but if it came down to adoption, I believe adoption is a good thing.
  • I think adopting is a great thing, very generous and everything. However knowing that you made your own child, something thats your own flesh and blood is priceless and so meaningful. Maybe ill have my own kids and adopt one aswell.
  • I would like to have biological children of my own, but I agree with others who have said that it's such a lovely thing to do to adopt. There are so many children who need a good home and they deserve it just as much as your own kids would.
  • I did both, and I'm glad I did. I have one adopted son, one biological son, and one daughter. Who could ask for anything more (although I would have liked to have had or adopted a sister for my daughter - even though she has since told me she's glad she doesn't have a sister. :) )
  • I am plan on doing them both.
  • i cant afford to do either since im out of work and guys wont ask me out

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