• I don't think it would, and if it did, porbably not much. Regardless of who gets married it's about two people loving each other. It wouldn't change anything for me.
  • It would make the concept less elitist and exclusive.
  • Allowing same-sex couples to marry would more clearly define marriage as being about love, not about sex.
  • By its own nature, it must - because previously, marriage was confined to Man+woman, but if Same sex marriage was allowed, then The concept of marriage must also expand to cover all bases.
  • It would break down some barriers and show people that we aren't doing anything bad to marriage. To the people who think that letting us get married would be a disgrace- what do you think of the celeb relationships that change faster than most people change their undewear? Brittney's 24 hour marriage? Why not let someone who WANTS to get married for the sake of marriage, not because it's cool to throw a party? It's stupid, and it's wrong.
  • It would possibly de-emphasize the reproductive aspect of marriage.
  • Society already has a concept of 'civil marriage' which is supposed to follow the laws of our country and not the laws of any one religion. But the whole marriage debate gets mixed up, and the religious extremists want to influence civil marriage, which is really none of their business. At one time, most churches in America taught that mixed race marriage was a sin. This continued until the 1960s. In the 1970s a judge ruled that mixed race couples were entitled to marry, and the churches had to change their silly tunes. Now, most churches would deny having this attitude toward mixed race marriage, but they have changed, and they just don't want to admit it. Gays will get the right to marry, sooner or later. Religious people will look back and deny ever being filthy bigots and hatemongers, but that won't change history.
  • I think there's nothing matter with civil unions, a contractual agreement. The problem occurs over the word 'marriage.' It's seen as a joining of one man to one woman. It's important to respect the beliefs of everyone.
  • i guess society's not going to change for anything or anybody. i guess everybody should do what they feel right for themselves and do things in which they will remain happy.guess everything else will be taken care off eventually.
  • Nobody is trying to change society's concept of marriage...we are just trying for equality.
  • It would force people to accept that people get married for love.
  • They might show us how to make it last. I'd bet you the divorce rate would go WAY DOWN
  • I don't know that it would change society's concept of marriage per se. I mean we all still have to learn to adapt in ANY relationship we attempt to create. I suppose it could cause some thought changes with regards to procreation...but even that has already undergone fairly radical change within straight society. Fewer babies are being created by straight couples, especially white straight couples than ever before, according to a recent article I read last week in the San Diego Reader. (while in SD on business) The birth rates are currently so low in Europe that if they don't start "working on it" it is predicted that the white population of European society will diminish beyond a point of recovery. If I can find a link on line to the article, I'll add it here. Over all, I just can't buy that my being allowed the SAME Civil Rights as a Straight couple, will have much of an impact on anyone else's marriage or life.
  • It would change the perception that love is only between a man and woman and that only they have the right to publicly express that. Doing this would also remove one of the barriers for a segment of socity to be considered as an equal to all. It would also make it easier for people who have chosen not to be married, but to be common law or have a civil union to have their relationships recognized as just as valid as a marriage. It's a win-win for everyone, but the bigots.

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