• none thanks
  • None,I would not want the responsibility of children.
  • i think i would have twelve kids. i don't want my life to be meaningless and i think having kids would make it meaningful.
  • i'll take 12!
  • None! I'll babysit a couple for one of the people who said "twelve" if I ever feel lonely for a baby.
  • None, I have absolutely squat in the way of "Parental Instincts", and trying to raise even just *One* child would probably be a complete and utter disaster for me, much less say twelve of them. If the urge took me to have a kid to look after, I could always find a child to mentor through one of those "Big Brother" programs that sets troubled kids up with adults who can serve as a good influence for them (Although one thing I'm definitely *Not* is a "Good Influence").
  • Hm, just twelve? How about twenty-six. :] That way I'd have one for each letter of the alphabet. lol That would be really cool. And then I could teach them all to sing or play an instrument and we'd have this huge really cool band. :] That'd be pretty awesome.
  • Twelve. The more the merrier. And you have six pairs, it's like Madeline!
  • Wait, I gotta ask the Mrs. opinion... (Wife comes over to the monitor takes a look at question) Honey, why are you making that gesture with your finger?... Hey! that's not nice!
  • I'd definitely rather have twelve kids than none at all. A life with no offspring would seem pointless to me, maybe I'm just primal.
  • Twelve or none? That is a tough choice. I come from a family of 12 kids and still thinking hard. I have 3 and it took everything I make to raise them. I didn't have as much "one on one" time with them that I should've had, So I guess I would have to say None, because I wouldnt want to raise just 12 more humans, I'd want to make sure I could provide everything they need and I don't think I could do that.
  • 12!!! Totally. I plan to have a lot anyway. If I could afford 12 children, then I would definitely have them. It's good because you can ignore the ones that irritate you and have the other kids deal with them. *thumbs up*
  • None. For many reasons. One, if you met my gene pool, you would not want me to reproduce. Second, my Wife does not want children either (one of the reasons we got married). Next, I could not live with myself if the kid grew up to be a racist, killer, bully, rapist, etc. My wife and I love to travel, and having children would would restrict that and if we took them with, there is a good chance that they would bother people. I've been beratted for my choice, and have heard all of the reasons to have children. It's a choice.
  • None, only because I couldn't afford to feed them and don't have the paticence or time to give them. I wouldn't want to do that to a child if I could help it.
  • None. I am intolerant of annoying people, regardless of age. I lack the patience to deal with all that parenthood entails. My wife isn't so hot on the idea of reproduction in the first place; why force her to bear a child? My family's medical history My wife's family's medical history Finances; It takes ~$270 grand to go from conception to high school graduation. Sibling rivalry (and accompanying drama) rises geometrically with the number of sprogs. It'd be ugly long before fuck-trophy #12 was even conceived If you ever met my mother-in-law, you would realize what a bad idea it is to reproduce. Meddling, mentally-unstable, obsessive, needy.... My stepfather has a large grill, a cookbook, and the same attitude towards UNRULY children as I do. My youngest cousin is scared of him to this day after narrowly escaping a 12-hour marinade. Do you need me to continue?
  • 12kids because even though it is a lot to handle, you can get help with it! And I really want kids some time in my life so the more the merrier.
  • 12 family of 10 2 more would be great.
  • none. if i'm not ready for one child, i sure as hell shouldn't be thinking about a dozen of them! plus, who can support 12 children in this day & age (in the u.s.)?
  • if i could afford it 12. i love big families and lots of noise. my family is somewhat small and it can get boring at times
  • None,I'm not made of rubber,ya know!:)
  • none. kids suck. bring one into this fucked up world on purpose and you're an evil, evil person. Bring one into this world by accident and you just suck at life.
  • Gimme 12 kids!! The most important thing I'll ever do in my life is be a mother.
  • I would have to go with none as much as i want children i would never be able to cope with 12, i wouldnt be able to afford it, and i wouldnt think it was fair to bring 12 kids into the world and then not take care of them properly
  • I would have to say ZERO, because I HATE kids. All of 'em. Even when I was one myself. Thank you.

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