• I think that I tend to avoid them.
  • I think that I tend to avoid them.
  • I'd honestly prefer being left alone so that I'm able to think without someone giving what they believe to be uplifting words. I listen to music and drown myself in thoughts of what I could do to possibly make the situation better than what it is at the moment.
  • Can I add a third choice here? I tend to go for understanding people not really caring if they're happy-go-lucky or the serious type. I have friends and family in both camps. Sometimes I would want to talk about what troubles me, most of the time I would just look for some company.
  • Good evening gtravels....well as you probably know by now when I am really sad I have to talk to someone. So I probably tend to radiate to people who are happier than myself at the time. I guess I go searching for someone like yourself with an optimistic view on life that will give me a better perspective of what I am feeling.
  • I tend to avoid ALL people. I isolate myself. I don't answer the phone or the door. Too often people tend to try and talk you out of being sad. While I understand they are trying to help, sometimes, I just want to be sad. I may even want to wallow in my own self pity. :)
  • I know better, butI totally get weird and isolate.
  • I try to avoid overly happy people altogether, I'm just not comfortable with bubbly people, I don't fit in with them.
  • Good Question , I think for me it depends on what has made me sad - Certain things I avoid people want to be alone and other sadness I really need to be around happy and positive people Hey there gtr -- + 5
  • I very rarely seek company either happy or otherwise.
  • I seek out people like you. And so far, it has never failed and neither have you.
  • When i feel really sad i tend to avoid people and seek comfort in books,music and writing i like to be by myself and figure out on my own why i feel so sad and when i find peace again everything is back to normal i just like to go through sadness on my own.
  • I tend to avoid people all together. I need to be left alone in those times.
  • It depends on the type of person. There are some pretty mean 'happy people'.

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