• Copied from: What the record is for the most pitches ever delivered to a single batter at bat? Dick Vitales wrote: Do you know a source of information to tell me what the record is for the most pitches ever delivered to a single batter at bat? Craig Tomarkin wrote: Dick, I'm forwarding your question to Mike Attiyeh, our trivia expert ( I once heard that Luke Appling fouled off a record number of pitches in an at bat, but I don't know how many it was or if his record stands. Sincerely, Craig Tomarkin Mike Attiyeh's Response Hello Dick, I am afraid we'll never know with great certainty such an answer, for such specific a ledger was not kept in the early years of baseball. These days, of course, almost every conceivable record or count is kept by the teams and certain medias. Yet, Dick, it might interest you to learn that certain reports reveal Luke Appling of the White Sox fouled off 15 Bob Feller pitches over a single plate appearance during Feller's 1940 opening day no-hitter. Also, Richie Ashburn of the Phillies once fouled off 14 straight pitches from Cincinnati hurler Corky Valentine - in a 1954 game - before drawing a walk. I hope that helps. Happy Holidays!
  • The documented highest is to Alex Cora batting against Matt Clement on May 13, 2004 where Cora had an 18 pitch at bat before hitting a home run. The unofficial highest is to Roy Thomas over 100 years ago who reportedly ofuled off 22 straight pitches before drawing a walk on the 26th pitch. Bob

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