• That's monotheist and polytheist I think. Yeah, that's right.
  • Monotheistic is the belief in one God, and Polytheistic is the belief in many Gods. I'll even give you one better: Duotheistic is the belief in two Gods Tritheistic is the belief in three Gods Quadratheistic is the belief in four Gods It goes on and on, but I am not familiar with religions that break it down to such an extent. Mono, Duo, and Poly are the most commonly used. Take the last 'ic' to speak on one person and not a group or religion. Example: I am a polytheist. My neighbor's family is monotheistic.
  • A Contratheist. No such thing exists not even within the confines of Hinduism
  • A theist is a person who believes in god. A polytheist believes in many gods. A Deist believes in the God of the Bible, but not the way he is portrayed in the Bible. A monotheist believes that there is only one God.

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