• General Sam Houston, commander at the Battle of San Jacinto is the person whom the city of Houston, Texas is named for. I don't know the origin of the name Houston.
  • I had a look around, and on it says: From the parish of Houston, in Renfrewshire, Scotland. There is an old tradition, that in the reign of Malcolm IV., A.D. 1153, Hugh Padvinan obtained a grant of the barony of Kilpeter, from Baldwin of Biggar, sheriff of Lanark, and hence called Hughstown, corrupted into Houstoun. These Houstons were of great consideration in Renfrewshire. ============= I cannot say that this is accurate, but it seems that it has documentation to match it. If you are tracing, however, start with yourself, gather all documents together generation by generation going backwards, so that your information is accurate. Eventually you will arrive at an immigrant ancestor (assuming you are American?), who may or may not come from Scotland. There was a lot of movement within the UK, and surnames spread out dramatically after a certain time. You may never be able to trace your family as far as Scotland, but who knows? All the best.
  • you are right as my name is houston and i stay in glasgow which is 10 miles from the renfrewshire area of houston. i am scottish and well aware that my roots have apparently spread their wings to texas. houstons are from scotland and there roots originate from exactly as you stated.
  • houston=hughestown, Scotland. So Iv'e heard.

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