• Yes. Got shot at.
  • Yes, got chased down in a bad neighborhood and maced in the face.
  • I think so. Several years ago I was driving home in a heavy rainstorm and wanted to get off the freeway at my exit. Visibility was awful - all the wheels of all the cars on the road were kicking the water back up off the freeway at the same time the rain was coming down. I kept trying to check visually whether the lane was open, and I couldn't be sure. So I was signalling but not changing into the exit lane - that's the safe thing to do, from everything I've read. I missed my exit and thought okay, I'll get off at the next one. Evidently I pissed off the driver of an 18-wheeler by not moving into the exit lane when I was signalling but couldn't see whether the lane was clear. All of a sudden there was this 18-wheeler RIGHT ON MY BACK BUMPER. He followed me for at least a mile and ACTUALLY TAPPED MY REAR BUMPER THREE TIMES WITH HIS HUGE TRUCK. He didn't hurt me, but he scared the daylights out of me. I'm sure he could see, sitting many feet higher in his cab than I was sitting - but I couldn't - and I didn't deserve his meanness.
  • One time this guy got out of his car whit a bat and came up to my window at a stop sign and start yelling a swearing and I didn't even know what I did wrong. True story.
  • I have felt it, but never acted on it. I just mumble and swear under my breath.
  • Was a victim of it in the middle of the night by some wacko who kept cutting infront of us, going real slow, then we'd pass and he would wait and then speed up real fast behind us, pass us and then go ahead and slam on his brakes. All this in the middle of the night out in the desert. No other traffic! The guy had a problem! And then of course there was my father-in-law who once did a similiar thing when we were in the car with him. We had to physically stop him from cutting this guy off. He was gettin gold and crabby and shouldn't have been driving but how do you take someone's licenese away when the state says they are fine? ARGH!
  • One thing that really gets me pretty pissed is, when I'm driving, on a road which has at least two lanes going the same direction, and someone pulls up in front of me from side street, and gets in my lane and I have to brake, when the next lane is completely empty, and the person could just get in it, and this happens all the time, and drives me NUTS. And as a victim of road rage, some guy cut me off i almost ran into him, so I blew the horn at him, and he put his hand out of the window, and pretended it was gun, and pointed it at me, freakin retard.
  • No, have never had to experience that type of thing thank God.
  • When i grow up, i probabily will... i get pissed off at anyone who does something stupid...
  • I have in the past. I was tailing someone I thought was being absurd. Then I saw a small kid in the backseat and felt like the biggest jerk ever. So, I try to be more mindful now when I drive. It's not just cars you are getting angry at.. there are human lives involved. Do I still scream, yell, gesture, and get out of the way sometimes.... sure I do.... but I pride myself on being a mindful driver.
  • I was going 110 in the wrong lane of a two-lane 40 mph residential road. But it wasn't my fault. I was boxed in.

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