• I think that entirely depends on what you are defining. If you would be talking about defining my professional experience, it would be a far greater representation of myself to say the things I have experience in then list everything that I don’t. However, when it comes to things that are hard to put into words, such as emotions or experiences, sometimes finding the opposite words are easier. I think the most accurate personal definition would be one of both worlds. Using what you are and what you aren’t to portray yourself. It would give a bigger and more precise picture.
  • No. It is neither harder nor easier. Both ways of self description (what you are & what you are not) are somewhat limited. Both ways offer a definition that often is little more than a comparisson with something else or a list of what has or has not been done. Proof of self and/or describing yourself has long been a difficult concept, and goes way beyond just your name. It is better to use many different ways to give a more complete self description, than just "I am ... " or "I am not ... "
  • I don't think so. The definition would be extremely broad.
  • i would say yes, though i am not sure. cause i can say i am not like this or like that but to say i am like something seems so concrete and ireversible...
  • i believe defining oneself by what one is not is the easy, teenaged philosophical dilettente option. I dont know who I am but I sure as heck can tell you that I am not "that" (said snarkily) is the way my daughter (usually very articulate though extraordinarily wordy) explains why she would go to Stanford but never ever to Princeton! Perhaps she has a point in there, but it is a lazy shorthand way of explaining ones values, much less defining ones' inherent sense of self.
  • probably
  • It's much easier, reveals very little, if anything, about oneself, and allows one to hide from defining oneself. People who will only tell you what they dislike but never tell you what they like are desperately trying to appear superior to others. Expressing who one is and what one likes leaves one exposed. Some people have that confidence, many people do not.
  • Yes,I'm ugly.
  • Much easier but it takes a lot more time.

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