• Try calisthenics, they are a great, quick, high impact exercise. And of course stay away from the fatty foods.
  • Green tea. Antioxidants AND catalyst for calorie burning. I can't stand the taste, so I take it in pill form.
  • Try switching the kinds of exercise that you do. Switching to a different type of exercise will sometimes shock your body out of a stall.
  • Ok this is going to sound weird, but it has worked for me in the past. Go off your diet. For one meal. My personal favorite was a seafood medley type meal with bread (and butter!) and salad. The thinking behind it is that it will sort of shake up your system and kick start your metabolism. Try it! :)
  • Switch up your exercise routine. Your muscles can get used to doing the same things, so try something new. If you normally run, start swimming, etc.
  • Its funny i'm at that point too, i just started reading about High Intenesity Interval training,(Hiit) you can google it.Good luck! :)
  • You shouldn't try to. Plateaus are normal. Just don't let it discourage you from sticking to your diet. Steady will do it. (BTW, you do know if you eat too little, you'll stop losing weight, right? (your body will go into starvation mode and stop giving up fat reserves easily). You have to eat three good meals, and breakfast should be the largest, not supper (food eaten at night gets stored, not used). If you follow that, your metabolism will shed weight the fastest. Starvation is not the key. Exercise and eating well is. ...You need a lot of good exercise. It speeds things up, and is essential to having a calorie-burning metabolism, so you don't just get fat again as soon as you complete this effort to reduce. If it's a good deal of weight you're trying to shed, and you don't CHANGE your lifestyle to one of lots of daily exercise, then you may lose all the desired weight, but as soon as you stop, it will come back. You don't want that. SO make sure you change you, not just starve yourself. Being overweight involves eating snacks instead of feeling satisfied in other ways. So seek satisfaction the right ways. (It should be a like a reward getting to do those "other ways" things. So don't sit in a chair all day. Find physical activity that makes you happy. (Oh you cant just do situps! Take up tennis or cycling or swimming or something. Golf even. Something you'd genuinely like to do. THAT's rewarding

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