• Cotton + tobacco with slaves = money. # 1 reason by far.
  • Some idiot felt it would be a good successor world power for the British Empire.
  • Many people wanted a new start and had not much money.The taxes and other factors forced them to take a chance and move to a new country which had been heard about through word of mouth.
  • Well the answers were what I expected. not many people know why the Americas were first colonized. I'm not referring to early exploration. North America was first colonized with criminals and the poor (Roanoke and The Jamestown Colonies-first attempt). London had just been overwhelmed with a mass influx of the poor and they were overcrowding streets and almhouses. Sir Walter Ralegh implored Queen Elizabeth to let him start colonizing. The poor and criminals were given the incentive to start a new colony and new life, and Ralegh hoped their attempt would be more successful and not inclue to crime and poverty that infected England. Unfortunately Roanoke and the first Jamestown colony failed.
  • these efforts by Ralegh were actually a follow up to the Hakluyts who believed colonization would provide natural resources for England. Colonists would raise crops and then export then to Europe creating cash flow, and a less expensive imort system.
  • Money, money, money!!!!! Free land, slaves, exploitation -- more money.

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