• To be a Navy Seal, you must be a male and younger than 28 years old.
  • no females cannot be SEALS You can also click on requirements to see all the other stuff.
  • Only in my fantasies.
  • Females are not allowed to be navy seals. In the past the navy has in fact experimented in allowing females to undergo Navy Seal Training. The training was identical, but the women did not train together with the man. I believe that it was in a different facility alltogether. I was in Boot camp in Orlando, and this one female Naval Office came and get us a pep talk. She was maybe one of the few females (probably less than 5) that have actually undergone Navy Seal training as an experiment back in the 80's. She passed her training. The Navy then reconsidered becauseL 1. of the feasibility of findng comparable females with similar physical activity backgrounds (she was a superior athelete). 2. the amount of money it was going to take to develope an entire facility only for women undergoing navy seal training. 3. the future benefits and undergoing such a dramatic cost. Basically, what were the benefits of training a woman as a navy seal, if women were still not allowed to be in combat.

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