• Wrap your tinfoil around somthing like a straw or pen to make the pipe. For the bowl, you could go a few ways... either pinch one end one inch from the very end, then flange it out to make a bowl. Or you could hand form a bowl by making a cone with another piece of foil... use your imagination. Stoners always have great enginuity... unfortunatly it seems to get wasted on making pipes. one of my freinds made a pipe from a pencil he hollowed out. Tasted like shitty burnt wood, but it worked!
  • please don't, use an apple if you have to. Its so harsh to use foil.
  • Take a pen, and something that gets bigger at one end (marker cap, that sort of thing). Wrap the tin foil several times around them with the cone-like object at an angle at the end of a pen, then take the pen and the object out and tuck all the edges in to make it even. If you look at the part of the faucet where the water comes out, there's a round filtery sort of thing with holes, you can put that in the end of your pipe, apple pipe, bong, whatever.
  • you put your index finger an thumb together to make the okay sign, then you mold the foil into the opening to make a bowl. then wrap the foil around your hand and twist some to make a pipe stem and seal off the air leaks through your fingers. then make a small hole in the bowl and you are good to go. its basically just a one person user pipe.
  • I'd feel like a crackhead, smoking from some foil thing. Aluminum, when heated, is REALLY bad for you too. Roll up a doob.
  • the good ol' fashion bottle bong... 1. take a empty soda bottle 2. take off the cap 3. take tinfoil and fold it like a cap that caves in to hold the bud 4. poke several very small holes in the tinfoil (like sharp pencil point) 5. poke a hole to suck 6. poke a hole for a carb 7. blaze on
  • with an apple
  • im 14 and i just made my first foil pipe yesterday! instead of pinching a filter i just jam a cig filter in there seems to work good they have vidds to do it on smoke it up!
  • The best way to smoke is a lung dude...
  • if your going to smoke and you want to make it a good one devote your time cutting up a series of thick expo markers and make a tin bowl tried it and put it in the freezer before hand for bout 5 minutes wasnt to harsh ha
  • I know you didn't mean anything bad, but this question is inappropriate for AB. There are a million other places to ask this question, including every search engine on the net. I won't be turning in this question because I think we can handle it fine right here. Please choose another question not dealing with drug use and I will happily answer it for you :)))
  • Ok here is one for you...take any console controller. Game cube or N-64 controllers work very well...basically any simple controller. Unscrew all the screws and remove every wire until it is hallow. Rip out the chord that hooks the controller up to the console (this is what you suck through. Drill another hole on the opposing side and fit a bowl in it using tin foil or any other none flammable substance. Seal off any holes with any pliable supplies, and there you have it.
  • just go buy some white owls. theyre great.
  • do not smoke out of tin foil, unless you want to get alzheimers, then by all means go ahead. Just go to a smoke shop, you can buy a simple pipe for like $5.

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