• ZERO.....................................Im 14, sometimes I work and get alot of money............yea so thats it........bye
  • More than I need , probably more than I should, but not more than I deserve I work hard to do the best that I can.
  • Not enough. I work very hard and am not recognised for it.
  • I pay my job around 100,000 dollars for me to work there, i don't get paid. It turns out i pay them around 35 dollars an hour for them to keep me, thanks for nothing my job
  • I lost count, alot, enough. But it doesnt matter, im happy, thats all that really matters..
  • 3-4-2017 I don't make anything. I retired 10 1/2 years ago and have lived entirely on social security since then, $975 a month, $11,700 per year, $122,850 total, and I have saved a little over half that amount. I could have saved more, but I have never been so wealthy and I threw a lot of money around for a while just trying to buy a life. A big part of the deal is that I don't pay rent. My father built a 1BR on the back of a lot and then built a real house on the front, all paid for as he went along. That was 1952 when you could still do that. So when Mom died my brother took the big house and pays the taxes and I live in the little house.
  • Enough so t we don't want for any material things and that we are able help others as well.

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