• Have you tried putting the vegies through a blender? Just start off with a small amount and slowly increase it in the food that you make.
  • what is the food that it used to it? start mixing very small amounts of commercail or home made food in and then over time add more and more till that is all the dog is eating
  • One of the things the Veggies do (some veggies that is) is to help the dog with shedding its stomach lining, something dogs do about every three days. Try adding a table spoon of plain canned pumpkin to your feed, I've not yet met the dog that didn't go GA-GA for own would almost rather have it than meats! (use a bit less a teaspoon perhaps if your dogs are of a small breed) You don't HAVE TO add any veggies, it would be better if you could from time to time, but lets be honest here...dogs are carnivorous..they are designed to eat mostly MEAT and BONES. Try running a google search on BARF just to give yourself some additional canine nutrition information. Good on you for taking the time to make your own, I think it is generally the best way to go!!! (Beet pulp is another good one for helping to shed the stomach lining) Avoid adding any corn.
  • Pets are a bit like children. They cna be fussy with what they eat - especially if they are pampered. My cats refused to eat normal cat food at first. We started buying them the expensive stuff but in the end I decided enough was enough. We kept putting the normal cat food down and throing it away if the cat would not eat it and then putting fresh back down again. In the end the cats got hungry enough and started to eat the normal cat food. Its a battle of wills. The cat will not starve unless this lasts a long time. Mind you it is hard to be strict when then pine... It worked in my case. But it took a lot of will power not to give in. Dogs Im sure are similar.
  • Dogs aren't supposed to eat vegetables. They are carnivores. Dog food is a manmade invention used to dispose of 'leftover' animal carcasses. They just started adding vegetables and rice to it to make it appear healthy because they know that there would be a lot of suckers out there to fall for it. Wolves and wild dogs do not routinely eat vegetables unless it is by accident. What you put in your dog food is your own business, but don't cook the meat. That is a mistake a lot of people make. I don't know of any wild animal which eats cooked food (and though dogs are domesticated, it doesn't change their genetic disposition). Cooking meat destroys the enzymes necessary to digest it. Just give your dog raw meat. It will appreciate it. Really, a dog will eat anything (I mean it licks it own ass), but just because it does eat something doesn't mean that it should.
  • I bet (s)he would if she was hungry and hadn't trained you so well.
  • Everyone so far has said that dogs naturally eat meat. Big mistake. Wild canines don't eat meat, they eat ANIMALS, intestines and all, which contain partially digested plants and vegetables. So they should have some plant products in their food as well. In the Third World people would be incredulous at feeding dogs meat; I don't know exactly what they make dog food out of, but potatoes is one common ingredient. My wife fed our dog, who was always healthy, on a cooked mixture of chicken carcasses, the mold she cut off of cheese, bread crusts and any grain or buckwheat we happened to have around.
  • Try doing research on the B.A.R.F. diet. It is the most natural way to feed a dog or cat. We have fed this way for many years and the results are amazing. All our pets that we feed BARF are so much healthier. I've had trouble getting some cats to switch to BARF but all our dogs have made the switch. Check it out on this link. It's a inside link to a page listing the specifics of the diets. Be sure to look at the home page, the whole site is wonderful.
  • DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG POTATOES! Some dogs (inexplicably) cannot handle a lot of potatoes, and many of them have gotten very sick or died. Dogs do need starch however, and sweet potatoes are one of the best foods for them. As for veggies, try boiling carrots till they are really mushy. Mix them in a food processor with your meat of choice (also cooked to a mush) and most dogs will eat them. my dog avoids veggies as well, and he seems to be ok with my food recipe.
  • maybe you should talk to your vet about all this

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