• I don't see how you can compare a nun with a princess who was well liked and did noble deeds. I admire them both equally. I think considering their unique personalities and places in life, they each contributed much to help mankind, without asking for anything in return.
  • Im english so although di was tops you have to go with mother theresa as she did everything selflessly
  • Without question Mother Teresa. A person who gave her whole life to the poor without regard for herself. She loved the unloveable and wouldn't take no from politicians. Princess Diana did alot of things for many people but she used her marriage to Prince Charles to get things done. I don't want to belittle the work Diana did but I don't think she would have accomplished 1% of what she did without first being married to Charles.
  • Mother Theresa without a doubt. Diana did a great deal of good in gaining publicity for causes she believed in but she was, as we all are, a flawed human being. Diana was a person of her times and relished publicity. Mother Theresa deliberately put herself alongside the suffering and fought her battles on the front line, far from the glare of publicity.
  • It was clear who the media admired most as both these women died around the same time and Mother Theresa's death was barely mentioned in the barrage of media around Diana's death.
  • A huge collective hysteria followed the tragic death of Princess Diana. It was a big shame for many of us a few days after, as we learned that Mother Theresa had quietly passed at about the same time. Mother Theresa was probably a saint, Princess Diana had just not been so selfish as some in her situation and used her possibilities to help the weak (what Bill Gates also does by the way). But maybe nowadays more people want to be a young charming, loved princess than a old saint. Some interesting references in german; please use e.g. google translation tool for an english version. The Mother and the Princess: Critical views on Mother Theresa: (much more critic here as in the english version
  • Princess Diana - Because she put up with alot of crap from Charles and his faimly - Plus all the love she showed to her boy's and others
  • Mother Theresa. I liked Diana, but she was an anorexic wacko from living under the thumb of Charles and his mummy.
  • I really don't believe in favoring one personality over another because we all come into this world with our own unique personality, which I feel is God's stamp upon us. Then the world and our own experiences develops our personalities further. Therefore, each person should be rated for their own qualities, which are unique.
  • MT. Whatever did DI do to deserve credit for anything?
  • Mother Theresa. With no wealth to back her, she helped the poor. She did it with no interest in publicity, unless it helped the children.
  • Mother Theresa...she was saintly here on earth.
  • Mother Theresa without a doubt. She lived the life of poor people, ate their food, had no survants, own drives. palaces and so on. Thanks for a good question, it made me think.

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