• The town, founded in 1858, was named for Felix Grundy (1777-1840), United States Attorney General (1838-1839) and United States SenateUnited States Senator from Tennessee (1839-1840). It was incorporated in 1876. The present courthouse dates from 1905. In October 1864, Union raiders under Brigadier General Stephen G. Burbridge passed through Grundy on their way to destroy the saltworks near Saltville, VirginiaSaltville in Smyth County, VirginiaSmyth County, where they were met by Confederate troops commanded by Brigadier General Alfred E. Jackson at the Battle of Saltville. Since 1929, Grundy has suffered nine major floods of the adjoining Levisa Fork River. After the inundation of April 4, 1977, many businesses did not reopen, and the buildings that housed them were abandoned. A project is underway to relocate most of the town to higher ground on the other side of the river. Grundy is home to the Appalachian School of Law, organized in 1994 and opened in 1997, as well as the University of Appalachia College of Pharmacy which opened in August of 2005. Hometown of author Lee Smith (author)Lee Smith, the late Country music singer Mel Street and actress Jayma Mays (Red Eye (film)Red Eye, Epic Movie). Source:

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