• Condoleeza Rice
  • PrettyPirate, from right here at AB! Well, she IS the only female pirate I know of, but she IS pretty great!
  • I found a couple of bad girls: Theres no doubt about it, if youre looking to pick one buccaneer who did more for pirate feminism than any other, it'd have to be Grace OMalley (born Gráinne OMalley), the 16th-century's Irish Sea Queen. Earning her sea legs as a kid on voyages with her father, OMalley went on to lead a crew of 200 sailors as part of her Celtic Sea protection service. Her specialty? Intercepting merchant ships to negotiate their safe passage to Galway and ruthlessly pillaging any uninterested customers. Infamous for being lewd, gambling too much, and cussing like well a sailor, OMalley truly proved her mettle when she gave birth mid-voyage (she also had three kids at home.) Soon after labor, Turkish pirates attacked the ship, and when the flailing crew came running to OMalley, she reportedly snapped, May you be seven times worse off this day 12 month, who cannot do without me for one day! When the postpartum firebrand finally emerged on deck waving her gun, the attackers quickly remembered they had other engagements. I also found another gal at they both sound pretty wild
  • Anne Bonny is the only one I know of off the top of my head. I know she had a female friend who pirated with her but her name escapes me.
  • Nancy Kington. I don't know if she's real but it's a great story of a female pirate. The book is called Pirates! By Celia Rees.
  • My ex. Stole my heart! Greatest piracy of all.
  • My ex wife! She took everything and still made me walk the plank :)
  • I'd have to say Anne Bonny and Mary Read, are said to be the greatest and most well known. This from a book I got for Christmas last year called,"Pirates:An Illustrated History", by Nigel Cawthorne.
  • Um ... do you really even need to ask? :)
  • Me hearty. Pretty Pirate. Avast, ye rum is ready at ye beckon me lass!
  • Grania O'Malley (aka Grace O'Malley and Gráinne Ní Mháille, etc.). Of course I am partial to the Irish. The lady had balls what more can I say? That she boldly confronted another formidable great lady is impressive (Elizabeth I of England). See: Photo I HIGHLY recommend the book Wild Irish Roses by Trina Robbins as a primer on Irish women including Grania O'Malley.
  • Come on girls! Just on names alone the prize has to go to either: Cutlass Liz, Sadie the Goat, or Gunpowder Gertie - Pirate Queen of the Kooenays. Best regards Dangerous Dick of Mousehole, Cornwall sources:
  • Mary Read and Anne Bonny are well known, but their careers as pirates were pretty short, if I remember correctly. A year or so? Honcho Lo, a Chinese pirate also only lasted a couple years or so. Lai Choi San, however, lasted 17 years anc commanded 12 ships.
  • I would have said Anne Bonny & Mary Read (I saw the same History Channel thing on pirates!), although while reading the above answers, I was reminded of the infamous Grace O'Malley, who was surely as great a pirate as ever there was!

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