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  • Either she sucks dick, or she don't suck dick. Shouldn't need no convincing.
  • you have 2 options clean the cheese from under your foreskin grow a bigger dick with big dig pills, you can buy them online, that way you can give yourself a blowjob
  • I will tell you the best way to convince a girl to give you a blowjob,when a heterosexual male tells a bisexual or gay male how to convince another heterosexual male to give a bisexual male or a gay male a blowjob,or when a heterosexual male would allow a bisexual male or a gay male to give him a blowjob.
  • You would convice a girl to give you a blowjob the same way that you would convince a another male to give you a blowjob if you was a bisexual or gay male.
  • Check out this website... This product work for me...BIG TIME!
  • I don't care how you convince her to give me a blow job, I just appreciate your effort!
  • First- you gotta prep the oven. The oven being THE VAG. If you're not willing to go down on them then fuck this idea. You should suggest 69. That way it's not bluntly being like "suck my dick.. NOW" instead it's like, "I'll lick yours if you suck mine"... :D
  • Barbara Bush will blow your cock till no cum is left inside. But she wouldn`t suck off W. That`s why W is a gay faggot liar cocksucker.
  • =================== i hate to be the one who tell you this if she will not give you a BJ there is not one thing you can do to her that she will be willing to suck your dick all the way till you cum and may be able to get her to suck it for about 2 min but that all she will do it i know beause i have ben with girls that did not like to suck dick and they just will not do it no matter what you try GOOD LUCK
  • i give gagging deepthroat blowjobs to my ex for money because the dope dealers made me do it that way but now there tired of using me.and my ex loves to chokef#ck me and treat me like a whore because i cheated on him. i am also fat. imagine that a fat crackhead.only black men and my ex will even f#ck my face.i do my make up just so he can watch it run down my face from the tears.i actualy enjoy giving head this way as i have done it for so many men.crack has ruined my life.please dont ever do it or you will end up a filthy co#ksu#ker like me. PEGGY

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