• Probably the cheapest is to rent a truck and move it yourself. Second would be to hire a local independent mover, but you take the risk that you could have problems with them. Some companies give you a low-ball bid, then refuse to release your furniture until you pay more.
  • We move every two to three years, so this is something I am familiar with! The very cheapest is, in fact, to DITY by renting a truck, packing, driving and unpacking. But, if you need to send your items ahead, that would not work for you. Professional moving companies can be expensive, but it is a relief to have someone else do the work. There is a company called ABF that will let you back your belongings on to a freight semi and then they use the unused space to ship non-perishable and non-chemical items. Decent pricing. The best for sending items ahead of you are those Pod or storage container movers. One is called Pods and one is called Big Green Box. They deliver a metal storage container to you, you fill it then they pick it up. It is moved to your location and stored until you are ready for it. Delivered to your new home, you unpack it and they remove it.

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