• No they do not. It wouldn't even be possible to have sex with them on.
  • ??? what??? why would you even ask that??lol use your common sence :)
  • This question isn’t as weird as it seems, since I’ve actually heard of people doing this. However, I personally think that doing so would be *incredibly* weird, so when I got married, I asked about it—just to be absolutely sure. As others have already stated, the answer is an unmitigated “no.”
  • From what I have been told Mormons are never allowed to completely take their sacred underwear off. So maybe they keep one leg in them during sex.
    • the Otter
      No, Thinker, I can assure you that that is not the case. Latter-day Saints remove the temple garment for any activity that could not reasonably be performed while wearing it, such as bathing and swimming. Sex would definitely be among those "activities"? ?
    • Thinker
      OK, the person who told me was a Mormon so I figured he knew.

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